International Conference on Congo Basin Hunter-Gatherers (ICCBHG 2010)

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The international conference was held to share and evaluate recent research on Congo Basin hunter-gatherers. It has been almost ten years since international researchers have convened to discuss research and development issues facing Congo Basin hunter-gatherers. We were especially interested in field-based research reports from any discipline, but encouraged participants to consider their data and conclusions within the scope of development, global change and the fate of Congo Basin peoples. Extensive cultural diversity exists and not all Congo Basis hunter-gatherers actively hunt and gather (e.g., they may have cash crops or live near cities). We were interested in understanding cultural diversity and processes of culture change, but the focus is on peoples and groups with a long history in and strong identity with the tropical forest. Papers on Congo Basin farmers and fishermen are encouraged if they focus on history of or relationships between hunter-gatherers and farmers/fishermen. Papers that compare Congo Basin hunter-gatherer and farmers/fisherman or Congo Basin hunter-gatherers with hunter-gatherers in other parts of the world were also welcome.

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