ICCBHG 2010: shared papers

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Serge Bahuchet, Rebecca Hardin
Congo Basin Rainforest Populations: What Do We Know, Where Are We and Emerging Questions ICCBHG2010_Bahuchet-Hardin

Session 1: Prehistory and Genetics of the Congo Basin

Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza
How Did Hunter-Gatherers Settle the World Between 60,000 and 10,000 Years Ago?

Nicholas Taylor
The Origins of Hunting and Gathering in the Congo Basin: An Archaeological Perspective ICCBHG2010_Taylor

Paul Verdu
Anthropological Genetics of Central African Populations: Origins and Genetic Diversity of the Pygmies ICCBHG2010_Verdu

Lawrence Barham
Who Are the Batwa of Zambia?: An Interdisciplinary Perspective ICCBHG2010_Barham

Protais Pamphile Medjo
Evaluating « Stages of Progress » Among the Kola and Gyeli of Southern Cameroon ICCBHG2010_Medjo

Christopher Kiahtipes
Prehistory and the Present: Paleoenvironments in the Northern Congo Basin ICCBHG2010_Kiahtipes

Nomie Becker, Paul Verdu, Alain Froment, Priscille Touraille, Yves Le Bouc, Evelyne Heyer
The Riddle of Pygmy Stature: An Interdisciplinary Issue ICCBHG2010_Becker&al

Session 2: Identity and Representations of Congo Basin Hunter-Gatherers

Stephanie Rupp
Forests of Belonging: Identities, Ethnicities, and Stereotypes in the Congo River Basin ICCBHG2010_Rupp

Beatriz Soengas
Socioeconomic Changes and Evolution of Representations Related to the Practice of Agriculture by the Bakoya Pygmies in Gabon ICCBHG2010_Soengas

Alain Epelboin
The Nganga, Diviner-Healer Pygmy: between Respect and Discrimination ICCBHG2010_Epelboin

Catherine Namono
Pongo Symbolism in the Pygmy Rock Art of Uganda

Dörte Weig
The Social Dynamic of Mobility ICCBHG2010_Weig

Session 3: The Wild Yam Hypothesis to Historical Ecology

Mitsuo Ichikawa
Historical Ecology and Contemporary Problems in the Congo Basin Forests ICCBHG2010_Ichikawa

Evariste Fongnzossie, Takanori Oishi, Guy Merlin Nguenang, Bernard Aloys Nkongmeneck
Baka Hunter-Gatherer Perceptions of and Classification of Mixed Evergreen Forests in East Cameroon ICCBHG2010_Fongnzossie&al

Mark Caudell
Tuber Foraging Across Tropical Environments ICCBHG2010_Caudell

Hiroaki Sato, Kyohei Kawamura, Koji Hayashi, Hiroyuki Inai, Taro Yamauchi
Observations of the Baka Hunter-Gatherers in Two Controlled Foraging Trips in the Tropical Rainforest of Southeastern Cameroon ICCBHG2010_Sato

Koji Hayashi, Taro Yamauchi, Hiroaki Sato
Daily activities among the Baka Hunter-gatherers of Cameroon: From Individual Observations at the Forest Camp and the Settlement ICCBHG2010_Hayashi&al

Session 4: Forager-Farmer Relations

Karen Lupo
Modeling Interrelations of First Foragers and Farmers in the Congo Basin ICCBHG2010_Lupo

Alfred Jean-Paul Ndanga
Central African Forest Paleometallurgy Techniques and Forager-Farmer Interactions ICCBHG2010_Ndanga

Joseph Jules Sinang
Forced Labor of Baka Pygmies in Southeastern Cameroon. A Case of Ignored Slavery ICCBHG2010_Sinang

Kiyoshi Takeuchi
Transition of Social Relationship between Aka Foragers and Neighboring Farmers in Northeastern Region of the Republic of Congo for the Past 20 years ICCBHG2010_Takeuchi

Naoki Matsuura
Reconsidering Pygmy-Farmer Interethnic Relationships -An Equal Relationship between the Babongo Pygmies and the Massango Farmers in Southern Gabon ICCBHG2010_Matsuura

Magali De Ruyter
Circulation of Music, Circulation of People: Musical Practices and Relationships between Babongo Pygmies and Theirs Neighbours (Gabon) ICCBHG2010_DeRuyter

Session 5: Epidemiology and Health

Antoine Gessain, Philippe Mauclère, Philippe Vicente Afonso, Laurent Meertens, Sabine Plancoulaine, Sara Calattini, Alain Froment, Monique Van Beveren, Guy de Thé, Luis Quintana-Murci, Renaud Mahieux
HTLV-2B Strains, Similar to Those Found in Several Amerindian Tribes, are Endemic in Central African Bakola Pygmies

Taro Yamauchi, Koji Hayashi, Kyohei Kawamura, Hiroaki Sato
Nutritional Adaptation of Pygmy Hunter-Gatherers in Cameroon from the Viewpoint of Body Size, Physical Activity, and Dietary Intake ICCBHG2010_Yamauchi&al

Edward H. Hagen, Casey Roulette, Barry S. Hewlett, Roger J. Sullivan, Remi Laganier
Recreational Drug Use as Potential Protection Against pathogens: Smokers among Central African Foragers have Fewer Worms than Non-Smokers ICCBHG2010_Hagen&al

Courtney L. Meehan, Courtney Helfrecht
Cooperation and Child Growth among Aka Foragers ICCBHG2010_Meehan-Helfrecht

Session 6: Development and Conservation Issues

Louis Defo
Can Forest Certification Help Save Central African Hunter-Gatherers? Some Field Observations from South-East Cameroon? ICCBHG2010_Defo

Olivier Njounan Tegomo
Mapping of Baka Pygmies Resources use Zones Inside and Around Boumba-Bek National Park ICCBHG2010_Njounan

Kenta Sakanashi
Hunting by the Baka Hunter-Gatherers During the Cacao Harvesting Seasons in Southern Cameroon ICCBHG2010_Sakanashi

Takanori Oishi
Cash Crop Cultivation and Hunter-Gatherer Society, and Their Relationships with Farmers: A Case Study of the Baka Pygmies and the Bakwele of South East Cameroon ICCBHG2010_Oishi

Charlène Caron, Jean-Marie Betsch
Do Pygmies and Non-Pygmies in Gabon Differ in Their Knowledge and Practices in Shifting Cultivation? ICCBHG2010_Caron-Betsch

Christian Fargeot, Pierre-Armand Roulet
Commercial Camps of Boffi Pygmies ICCBHG2010_Fargeot-Roulet

Session 7: Social Learning and Hunter-Gatherer Models

Jerome Lewis
Why do the BaYaka Sing So Much? Polyphony and Egalitarianism ICCBHG2010_Lewis

Adam Howell Boyette
The Prominence of Other Children in Culture Learning During Aka Forager Early through Late Childhood ICCBHG2010_Boyette

Bonnie Hewlett
Aka Foragers as a Baseline for a Hunting-Gathering Model of Adolescence ICCBHG2010_Hewlett

Courtney Helfrecht, Courtney L.Meehan, John Kannady
Time Allocation among Aka Mothers in Central Africa ICCBHG2010_Helfrecht&al

Daiji Kimura
Everyday Conversation of the Baka Pygmies ICCBHG2010_Kimura_Oral

Session 8: Inter and Intra Cultural Diversity

Luis Devin
Water Drums of the Baka of Cameroon and Gabon ICCBHG2010_Devin

Susanne Fürniss, Daou V. Joiris
A Dynamic Culture : Ritual and Musical Creation in Baka Culture ICCBHG2010_Furniss-Joiris

Sylvie Le Bomin
The Pygmies of Gabon and their neighbors: Musical Systematics, Categorization and Phylogeny ICCBHG2010_LeBomin

Hillary N. Fouts, Barry S. Hewlett, Michael E. Lamb
Social and Structural Characteristics of Breastfeeding among the Aka and Bofi Foragers and Ngandu and Bofi Farmers: A Bio-Cultural Approach ICCBHG2010_Fouts&al

Casey Jordan Roulette
Cultural Models and Gender Differences in Tobacco Use among Congo Basin Hunter-Gatherers ICCBHG2010_Roulette

Session 9: Human and Indigenous Right Issues

Olivier Hymas
Recent Migration of Hunter-Gatherers and Bantu-Speaking Farmers along the Ikoy Valley (Gabon): Implications for Conservation and Development in the Area ICCBHG2010_Hymas

Robert Moïse
When Pygmies Speak: Towards an Indigenous Model of Development in Equatorial Africa ICCBHG2010_Moise

Bernard Simiti
Organizing NGOs to Assist Aka Pygmies of the Central African Republic: A Case Study of Cooperazione Internationale (COOPI) ICCBHG2010_Simiti


Edmond Dounias
Observing Insects: Traditional Entomological Knowledge and Adaptive Responses of Congo Basin Hunter-Gatherers to Climate Change ICCBHG2010_Dounias

Hideaki Terashima
The Children of Hunter-Gatherers, the Way of Learning and the Evolution of Homo sapiens ICCBHG2010_Terashima

François Ngouoh
Archeology of the Kola of Bipindi Lolodorf Region. Material Culture Dynamics of a Pygmy Group in Southern Cameroon ICCBHG2010_Ngouoh

Yushi Yanohara
Sonic Synchronicity in the Daily Life of Baka Pygmies in South-East Cameroon

Marius Billy
Incorporating Sustainable Development through Artist Residency Programs among the Batwa « Pygmies » in the Congo Basin Rainforest ICCBHG2010_Billy

Jacqueline M.C. Thomas, Serge Bahuchet, Alain Epelboin, Susanne Fürniss
The Aka Pygmy Encyclopedia. A review of Fourty Years of Interdisciplinary Research ICCBHG2010_Thomas&al

Daiji Kimura
Activities of Cameroon Field Station of Kyoto University ICCBHG2010_Kimura_Poster

Hélène Pagezy
The baTwa and the baOto of the Ntomba Ethnicity at the End of the XXth Century (1970-1990): From Balance to Breaking Down ICCBHG2010_Pagezy

Christian Leclerc
Social Evolution and Structural Continuity. The Case of Baka Pygmies with Agriculture

Pascale Paulin
Baka Villages of Northern Gabon: Spatial Distance as a Strategy of Preserving Traditional Culture ICCBHG2010_Paulin



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